About Me

Having worked as an integrated marketing expert across various industries for over a decade, I am always on top of the latest trends and innovative GTM strategies. When it comes to building positive brand resonance, words are a powerful tool for me, as I love to tell stories about the brands I represent.

As a multi-passionate curious individual, I have dabbled in various interests ranging from Latin dance to building a WordPress site from scratch. Tech automation and productivity tools are two areas that I am exceptionally passionate about, as I am a strong advocate for streamlining work efficiency.

Currently based in Singapore, I provide on-demand marketing consultancy services to brands. Occasionally, I share my career learnings and advice over at ADPList.

Current Focus

1) Seeking a full-time position
Having been affected by the ongoing tech layoffs in 2022, I am seeking a full-time senior managerial position that allows me to scale revenue growth in a regional capacity.

Read more about my day job and career achievements:

2) On-demand CMO for brands & small business owners
Prior scope of work included, but not limited to:

  • Built 4 websites from scratch
  • Wrote short-form conversion copy for landing pages, social media, paid ads and eDMs
  • Implemented SEO best practices (on-site/off-site/technical analysis)
  • Developed and managed 360-degree marketing plans
  • Provided consultancy services to Gen Z youth entrepreneurs

Past & current clients include Talking ToesMinistry of ButlerBlueBasketWisemove, and PolarisDesign.

3) Growing an affiliate marketing blog
The Modern SaaS Guide is a platform providing concise, easy-to-digest reviews of the latest AI tools that can help you work smarter. 

Features, Awards & Certifications

  • Launch of foodpanda for business in Laos, Jul 2022
  • "Come Home to Lazada" New Retail O2O App Awareness Campaign, Apr 2021
  • Certification in Google AdWords, Jul 2017
  • Certification in Google Analytics, Dec 2016
  • Top Revenue Award for Singtel TV premiere of UEFA EURO, Jun 2016
  • Creative Marketing Excellence Award for Business Mobile, Mar 2014

There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.

Nelson Mandela